Project Status


Edible has entered post production, follow updates on our GoFundMe!


We reached our goal this morning, and we have locked our filming dates. Production starts on 8/20/20 and we’re excited to keep the campaign going in order to help minimize out of pocket costs. Look for a casting announcement and more great news in the next week!


Edible has now raised over 75% of the phase one fundraising goal and our Team is growing! We are looking to have cast and filming dates locked by the end of the Retrograde on 7/12! Stay tuned and please visit our go fund me to donate! Also, come to the full moon tarot ritual!

Edible has raised over 50% of its fundraising goal. Filming is tentatively scheduled for the week of 7/27/20 which corresponds with Hajj and the end of the mercury retrograde cycle. Our team is working hard to cast each role and raise the remainder of the funds over the next 5 weeks. Please check out our go fund me and an update from director and producer team, Kandis and Lex.

We are currently in the process of casting, if you’d like to be involved or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Celeste – mid 20s to early 30s African American woman, creative type, upbeat and positive

Sara – mid 20s to early 30s Arab Muslim woman, tragic beauty with a dark side, Arabic speaking

Jasmine – mid 20s to early 30s Arab American woman, Arabic speaking

Concierge – late 20s to early 40s African American male

Taxi Driver – mid 30’s to 50’s, Arab male, Arabic speaking

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Check out the production plan!